Revshare up to 45%
New Depositors** RevShare
0 - 15 25%
16 - 30 30%
31 - 50 35%
51 - 99 40%
100 - ∞ 45%


Partner Income = (GGR - CP - (deposits+payouts)•5%) x aff %)
GGR stands for Gross gaming revenue (the amount of money trader has spend on trading minus the amount of money trader has earned)

Bonuses are additional funds turnovered by the trader. Traders can withdraw these funds at any time. This is an amount earned by the trader. Bonuses are given to everyone after top up, but they get into statistics only after turnover.

aff% - personal commission for your account (may start with 25%, means the % from full income)
** Deposits for the reporting period

Earn up to 45% from platform’s income with RevShare commission

The traditional commission, which provides a strong revenue stream from the company’s income. All the negative balances are not transferred to the next accounting period. The RevShare program is available to all the partners and doesn’t require any activation. This is the best long term solution as it guarantees regular income during the whole lifetime value of the invited traders. The interest rate in RevShare is dynamic and depends only on the amount of new traders invited by a partner.

Motivational structure of the RevShare commission:
The interest rate in RevShare commission is based on the results of the last closed accounting period.
New depositors – is the amount of new invited trades, who made a deposit (or deposits) in the last closed accounting period.

Brands: Bubinga