General questions

The most important thing to check before registering with the Affiliate Program is your source of traffic.

This source may be absolutely different: social network group, your own website, advertisement network, offline advertising methods – whatever can bring clients to the company. Though, remember that a Partner's friends or relatives can’t register with his or her referral link, it’s strictly prohibited.

Make sure your sources of traffic don’t look like the following ones: relatives, friends, my cellphone, modem etc. Please, be specific when revealing the sources of traffic.

After you register with the Bubinga Affiliate Program you need to create a referral link in order to invite traders.

To create a link:

  1. In your profile, select the menu item 'Create tracking link'
  2. then, select Direct link and click  'NEXT'
  3. On the next step select the landing page or main project page. Click 'Get code'
  4. Link is ready now! Place it on the website to attract traders and get affiliate earnings.


We use a simple and transparent formula for calculating Partners’ earnings:

Partner Income = (GGR - bonuses - (deposits+payouts)•5%) x aff %)

GGR stands for Gross gaming revenue (the amount of money trader has spend on trading minus the amount of money trader has earned)

Bonuses are additional funds turnovered by the trader. Traders can withdraw these funds at any time. This is an amount earned by the trader. Bonuses are given to everyone after top up, but they get into statistics only after turnover.

5% - total commissions of payment services which are also shared with Partner

aff% - personal commission for your account (may start with 25%, means the % from full income)

Our RevShare commissions are as follows: 25-45%.

All Partners start getting revenue with 25% of RevShare commission. To learn more about how to raise your commission and earn more, read through the Commission section of FAQ.

Sometimes higher commissions may occur. It usually happens if a Partner offers some unique source of traffic and/or puts Bubinga Affiliate Program company above other projects in rating.


Use your registration e-mail and send a letter with request of changing any data to [email protected]

Bubinga Affiliate Program organized quite a comfortable support system, so you can contact us with the help of such ways:

1) use the contact form in your account for sending a message to support workers;

2) contact us at Line: bubinga.partners

3) write us in Telegram messenger: @bubinga_partners

3) use Skype to write a message, our account: live:.cid.c6f166c654fe9cc3

4) send mail to [email protected]


We built a good reputation by presenting fair and transparent service, getting good reviews and organizing payments without delays. Our main principles are honesty and trust to our Partners, and we assure you that you can trust the service.

There is a big set of promotional materials available for Partners in their accounts.

You can use static and GIF banners, native landing pages, demo games in order to build your successful campaign. The quality of materials available is very high, we keep adding new graphic and text materials in order to make the advertising process easier for you. If you follow the news section at Bubinga Affiliate Program, you’ll get updated about new materials for Partners. Also there is information about all upcoming events, promotions, big tournaments and other things that can attract new traders and help you earn more.


There are no kinds of time limits with the RevShare program.

The invited traders will bring you money every month if they are active and making deposits. Though, any kind of fraud from Partners can lead to blocking of earnings.