Technical questions

Hits - the number of clicks on referral links.

Hosts - the number of unique visitors or users.

It is important - hits are counted as the full loads of the web page after the click.

If the user quits the middle of the transition to the website or immediately after reaching the page, the hit is not counted.

Therefore, sometimes the number of clicks in a third-party system may be bigger than in ours (a third-party system counts ALL clicks, we are only with the download of a web page).

Regs - the number of registrations of traders.

Traders - the number of active traders for that day.

Deposits - the amount of trader deposits in US dollars.

Withdraws - the sum of money traders withdrawn from the project.

Qualified traders - only for CPA programs. The number of traders who have qualified (fulfilled the conditions for obtaining a CPA).

GGR -  the difference between the amount wagered minus the amount won.

Bonuses - additional funds turnovered by the trader.

NGR - project income

Partner Income is your affiliate income.


Bubinga Affiliate Program is constantly upgrading promo materials and adding new ones in order to help Partners be more efficient and get more out of their traffic. 

Currently you can use landing pages, banners and ask for texts and reviews if you're a website owner. You can find promos in 'Create tracking link' section. Also we propose unique advertising materials if you aren’t satisfied with those presented in our catalog. Contact support in order to get full details about creating promo materials oriented to your audience.


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